Cheshire Cat (eclecticlioness) wrote,
Cheshire Cat

Ok I know most of you who read this won't really care beyond a that sucks but I have to vent this somewhere before I go to work tonight and loose my temper. Yesterday Billy the guy who owns the store told my mother, who has worked for him for over 11 years that he was going to have someone else take over the scheduling and supervising the cashiers. Because after her doing that for probably 9 years he's decided it isn't her strong suit. That she's better at the paperwork, and he wanted to get rid of the stress that that part of her job gives her. Which is BULLSHIT.

What mom and I think caused the whole thing is that back at the begining of July the other morning office person quit while mom was on vacation for a week and noone let mom know. Well they did but they weren't supposed to. Anyway while mom was gone Billy hired this new lady Vicki, who is above all else an idiot. She'd been working at Kogers, this gas station/convenience store kind of place. She started back in July and still can't do the paperwork right. This is the person who Billy has given control of the schedule and the cashiers to. When I work with her she spends more time asking me questions about how to do her job or sitting on her big ass in the office trying not to screw anything up so badly it can't be fixed.

Anyway she's been sucking up to Billy, who despite his protestations to the contrary is about the worst managerial person I know. Mom had all summer been working 4 10 hour shifts a week to get her 40 hours and then having 3 days when Vicki started she kept that up and did the same with Vicki...working it to where they both had 4 on and 6 off. Well Vicki evidently went to Billy and said that she just couldn't handle that many days away from working in the office, that she would forget how to do it. Which I believe if only bacause the woman is an idiot. But when mom had asked her about it she'd said yeah it sounded like a good idea. So anyway billy got onto mom about it and said they had to go back to 5 days, ok they did that. Now this latest bullshit. I've GOT TO GET ANOTHER JOB!!! Or I'm gonna become violent with someone or get myself fired. (twitches)

I apologize if this makes no sense but like I said I had to vent or I was gonna do soemthing that wouldn't look good on my get fired for telling the store owner I think he's a fucking moron or my "supervisor" that she's an ignorant bitch and just exactly where she can go.
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