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No, I have not fallen off the planet yet...

Ok so it was brought to my attention the other day that I hadn't updated this in a I thought I'd just let anyone who might for some strange reason be interested know that, no, I haven't fallen off the planet.
Really I've just been busy...working mostly...finishing up getting my room finagled around, it's finally done now except for a small mound of notebooks, papers, folders etc. that should go in the filing cabinet I have yet to buy. Umm...lets see since the last time I posted....well Mandos and I went to visit Kelly for her B-day as a surprise. Had a fabulous time and it ended way to soon. Had a yard sale and made some much needed got rid of a lot of shit I didn't really wanna put away anyway. I splurged and bought SG-1 Season 8, yay for sales at Suncoast and credit cards. And yesterday Connolly came down and we (she, mom and I) went to the Covered Bridge Festival...where we ate entirely too much tasty but not terribly good for you food, and walked until I thought my legs were gonna fall off at the hip...damned hills anyway...I didn't buy much. A few t-shirts and some charms for my bracelet. Thats it really...I was bummed that I couldn't find a replacement for my claddagh (did I spell that right?) ring though.
In other news...well ok so there really isn't any other news to speak of but (shrug), I've been thinking of starting a new story lately...don't know what it'll even be about really but I have some characters roaming about in my brain kicking a few ideas around so (shrug) we shall see I suppose...I haven't really written much of anything in probably a year give or take and its starting to bug me.
Well I'm off I guess, maybe I'll watch some Stargate...I think I hear season 8 calling my name...
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