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Mondays suck

Ok so I had a good weekend...I was offwork, got to go down Friday and hang with the Mandos & Hayes for a bit, finally met Trish, went to a movie with Mandos and Hayes. Saturday I went with Mom, Dane and his friend Bobby to the gambling boat and came home with most of what I went in with which worked for me. Went to brunch for Mother's day with my mom brother and grandma and grandpa McFarland (dad's parents). All in all a pretty shiny weekend.

Then Monday happened.

Behold the suck that was my Monday.

Just as I was getting ready to go to sleep about 1am the phone rang...I picked it up about the same time mom did. It was my Aunt Dorothy crying and telling mom that Grandpa Dean (mom's dad) had passed away. Went upstairs to see what mom was gonna do about work the next day, she called the Manager at the store at home and told him what was going on and that she wasn't going to be in. After that was all settled we went to bed.

I got up about 9ish and discovered that my shoulder hurt pretty bad, evidently I'd slept on it wrong or something. Plus I had a slight sinus headache, a sore throat and a runny nose...not exactly the most auspicious start to the day.

Anyway mom went with my aunts to take care of finalising the arrangements and stuff and do some running that morning, then they came back with a crapload of groceries to bring in, including like 4 cases of pop and a case of water which I had to carry upstairs, which made my shoulder hate me even more. They went through pictures and stuff for a while then left again. I was supposed to be at work at 2 so naturally I was running late. As I was about to get into my car, just as the garage door finished closing I realized that I'd forgotten my store keys on my desk. Now you wouldn't think this would be a problem. However. You see I do not have a garagedoor opener in my car, Mom has one and Dane has the other. I also don't have a key to the doorhandle on the front door, or either one of the back doors, all of which were locked. I tried to call mom but she wasn't answering her cell and Dane was at work.

I finally just headed to work before I was any later than necessary, finally got hold of mom andshe said rather than bring me the keys she'd have Dane bring them in an hour or so when he got off work. Which would have been ok but that meant I didn't have keys to the office door, which is supposed to stay locked or to the little cash drawer which is also supposed to be locked, and the night manager doesn't have keys to the office at all. But it was ok I decided I could work with that...theres an extra office door key in the safe so no biggie.

Then when i got there they told me that they hadn't even tried to get the shifts covered that my cousin Keena and I were going to miss today and tomorow, that I had to do it.Even though they'd had all freaking day to do it but whatever. Naturally I couldn't get ahold of anyone who was off tonight, though I did get tomorow's shift covered pretty well. I didn't get tonights shift figured out till almost 9:30. Then I couldn't get the office or the safe to come out right when I counted. Then when i finally got home mom kept asking me what was wrong cause she said I looked upset or something. My grandpa had just died, I was tired, I still had a headache, shore shoulder, runny nose and a sore throat, so yeah in a good humor I was not. And to top it off it would have been my Dad's 46th birthday.

All in all it was just a sucky day.

Now you may ask why I don't seem more upset about my grandpa passing away. Well you see we were pretty much expecting it sometime fairly soon. He was 82 years old, he'd had congestive heart failure for over a decade, and kidney failure for at least about the last 5 years, he couldn't walk anymore, and the last few months he'd been so confused he didn't know who anybody was or what was going on most of the time. Then last week he'd stopped eating and drinking and they were having a hard time getting him to take his meds. He'd decided he was done pretty much. So the way I see it he's someplace better now with my Grandma Dean, Uncle Bill and Dad. Maybe it makes me a bad person but I just feel like it was his time to go, and I think he's in a better place.
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