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(Waves)Hola all...see I do still exist. I really should update this thing more. I always mean to but then I forget or get sidetracked or something.'s been a funky couple off weeks for me. I had the nastiest head/chest cold I've had in a long time the last few weeks. It sucked.

So yeah I managed to give my cold to the girls. And let me tell you there are few things less fun than a grumpy, sick, clingy toddler who only wants mommy.

Mandi came up for about a day a week or so ago...leading to some interesting adventures in hair dye. I now know what it looks like when you accidently wash the dye out too soon...but we were in a hurry and it didn't end up looking totally horrible. A little on the odd side yes but not as bad as it could have been. Note to me...never attempt to dye someone's hair when you have to be somewhere in 90 minutes with a 30-45 minute drive to get there. We were a little rushed.

But, yeah, so Ring day is Saturday, and everybody is coming in tomorow from various places. Unfortunately because I've worked the last two nights and had the girls too, my once clean room, and yes it was clean believe it or not, looks like it got mugged by two min-hurricanes. I suppose the upside is I don't have crayons all over the place again...but yeah I still have to clean my room and clean out my car and do laundry and stuff. Blarg. Plus I'm still not completely sure where everyone is gonna sleep. Oh well we'll figure it out I spose. But(does a little happy dance) I get to see my people tomorow. Yayness.
See you all then!(wanders off to attempt to clean room before tomorow)

27ish hours till I meet up with Mandos
28ish hours till Kelly's plane lands and we meet up with Quaker
30ish hours till Juliet's plane lands
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