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Is homocide always a crime?

Is there a special circle of Hell reserved for ignorant troll women who screw over those they work with? If there is I hope its one of the deeper ones. So yeah in case you couldn't tell I'm not of the shiny happy people today. For a variety of reasons really...

First off I was dumb and didn't go to bed till bout 1:30 when I knew I had to get up at like 5:30ish cause i was sposed to be at work at 7. So yeah 4ish hours of sleep is not of the fun. But I was actually on time for work this morning, a rare occurrance, and things were going fairly well.

Then my credit card machine went wouldn't pull the paper up right. It kept printing up these receipts that were about two inches long and completely unreadable. We changed to ink cartrige cause the old one was shot...then we tried cleaning it thinking maybe there was something in there not letting the paper pull through. They finally had to take the printer bit off completely and fiddle with something and put it back to make it work. Stupid technology.

Then about 9ish Rebecca, the afforementioned ignorant troll, called mom and said that she had been called to work at FB Distro (fashin bug dirstribution center) and wouldn't be back to the store. She was supposed to work 2-10 every day till Friday...which was supposed to be her last day. The problem with this is that I am currently the only other trained night office person...michelle is being trained this week. So Mom sent me home and I have to go back and work 2-10...though I may ask mom if I can leave after Michelle and I close the office. I will also be in the office the rest of the week training Michelle so she can work saturday night on her own. This could be a problem because I'm babysitting Thursday...I can't remember if its evening or day. Either way if I have to work that means that I have to probably bring them with my to work and mom will have to take my car back home then come pick me up cause both carseats won't go in her back seat cause one of the seatbelts doesn't work. They are a pain in the ass to switch anyway.

So yeah I dislike my job rather intensely at the moment. I really need to find another job before I have to hurt someone. I'm just tired of all the crap and the idiot people who don't want to work.

FUCK!! I just realized this means I'll miss House and NCIS AGAIN!! Dumb HO!

So anyway as further evidence of my geekiness, as if any was needed, I am making a "Things Skippy can't do" list for the SGC. If any of you have suggestions I will incorporate them. I don't even have 50 yet so any help would be appreciated.
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