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Behold the randomness of me...

   Behold my geekiness...I went shopping tonight with mom and bub in Avon and while spulunking in the children's section of the bookstore for a copy of "If you give a mouse a cookie..." to give my cousin as a baby shower giftI found the coolest book. Its called "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah...(a letter from camp)" Sound familiar? Yeah you guessed is an illustrated version of the song Camp Granada...on of the funniest songs ever. I love the song and I just had to buy the book...the illustrations are totally fabulous. Plus I along with a copy of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..." they had a little stuffed mouse in bib overalls with a cookie in his hand that I just had to buy to give to her. I'm such a little kid.
   Plus they had a thing in the childrens section advertising the release later this month of a book called "Magicology"....its a pop up book by that same person or people who put out the "Dragonology" and "Egyptology" books...and a couple of others whose titles I can't remember off hand...I want them. I know I know I'm odd...and I managed to misplace my $50 gift card for barnes and noble...I don't know what I did with it and if I can't find it I'm gonna have to pout...alot...
   In other news I didn't have to work today which is always a plus...and grandma gave me money to put gas in my car...this whole 3something a gallon thing really blows incidentally...half a tank cost me like $35. Is it bad that I miss when gas was only $2.50 a gallon?
Only 3 more days till we get the keys to the new house...
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