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Evil demon oranges...

I've heard the saying that Hell is other people...I'm here to tell you that Hell is in fact sitting in basically standstill traffic on 70 between the Putnam county line and the Putnamville exit for two fucking hours...staring at the ass end of a little red Rav4 and watch it inch up closer to the tanker truck basically parked in front of it like that was gonna get him somewhere. There should be an IQ requirement to drive. And ok so part of the sitting was because of a legit wreck I two amublences and a tow truck passed us on the shoulder and we think there may have been a helicopter as was dark and it was hard to tell what was actually going on.

If it hadn't been for the company I'd have lost my mind after about 15 minutes. But thankfully Mandos was there and we chatted and there was no psychosis involved. And when we finally got moving do you know what the problem was? A fucking semi full of sunkist oranges turned over on its side in the left lane. When we finally got to it there were cops and state highway people and a wrecker there with floodlights, cones, even the little blinky light arrow thingys, and there in the middle of it all stood 3 guys looking at these crates of oranges like they had no idea what to do with them. Mind you there was an empty semi trailer sitting right there with the doors open...and they still looked baffled. So yeah, what should have been like a 45 minute drive max turned into about a 2-3 HOUR drive.

But really asside from the little impromptu farmers market on 70 my weekend was of the shiny. Mandi came up saturday,I picked her up in Plainfield after her aunt drove her that far. We went to Applebees and at the yummiest Chicken Parmessian I've had in a while, looked around at Lane Bryant and Hot Topic. Got a couple of fun buttons and a nifty Gryffindor Crest metal keychain...Mandos of course got the Slytherin one. We rented the new Zorro movie, which I still haven't watched, but Mandi did so its ok, and I bought Elizabethtown and we watched that with mom, that is to say Mandi and I snoozed. I love that movie. Anyway then yesterday we went to the Haute, after I got off work an hour early...have I mentioned I love my mother...and kidnapped Hayes and Kayla for a little recon trip to the new David's Bridal. We hung and ate with Hayes for a while after we got back then decided to head over to the Library to see if the Katharine was working and she was and there was much chatting then we had to head for home...then came the evil demon traffic jam.

Had to get up at teh but crack of dawn this morning to take Mandos to the airport so she could go visit Andos...which of course freaked my mother and Jess out as I had to take the girls with since I was babysitting. Mom was just freaking cause I've not really driven up there at all. I don't really get it I mean I'm a pretty good long as it isn't in the dark. (rolls eyes) It's gotta be a mom thing.

Oh and did I mention that the inside door handle of my driver side door for some reason stopped working saturday, still haven't gotten that bit figured out. So for now when I want to get out of my car I either have to open my window to open it with the outside handle or get someone to open it for me. Rather Inconvenient really.
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