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Christmas was of the shiny, got two new swords...well ok technically one oft hem is a sword cane but still. I also got a photo printer thingy, which I still haven't tried out, some snazzy clothes, and other ods and ends...oh and bub got me an Eddie Izzard DVD. New years was kind of blah...Dane went out to his friends house, and mom went out with Mike and Jane, Mike was my dad's best friend and they try to include mom from time to time so she isn't just sitting at home. What did I do new years eve you ask? Well I worked until 9, drove back into town, went to walmart and bought myself the first season of House on DVD, then came home fixed myself a bowl of ice cream and vegged out on the couch watching it till mom got home about 1:30. Behold my patheticness.

I worked six days last week and its a good thing I was off monday or someone may have died. The night shift are idiots, my self not least in my opinion. Ok so in the last like month we have had three cashiers quit, one has to be off for because he had to have back surgery, and another who has some kind of heart problem and isn't sure when or if she'll be able to come back, she's in her mid to late 60s I think. Anyway mom hired three new cashiers, one of whome I went to highschool with and didn't like then...but she seems like less of a troll now so I'll reserve judgement for the time being. The other one is some chick who used to run around with my brother and his minions...mostly the minions. I don't look for her to last very long. The third one I don't know yet she starts today so we'll see.

Anyway so yeah the night office person and the night manager keep screwing up, thus causing Billy, the owner, to freak out about stupid stuff, thus causeing mom to freak about the stupid stuff he's freaking about...thus making life more annoying for those of us who haven't screwed up. Plus the night manager wants mom to hire her daughter asa cashier...but Paul the manager said no. That we are not hiring any more family, especially to work the same shift. Mom told him she couldn't tell her that because I work there...slightly contradictory to his excuse for not wanting to hire her. I'm waiting cause I have the sneaking suspicion that when they do tell her there is a good chance that she'll get pissy and instead of going after mom for it or something like that she'll decide to take it out on me or something...that would be about her style.

In other news Jess's mom had to go have an MRI last week cause she's had neck pain for a while but lately its expanded its horizons into her back and arms. Turns out one of her vertebrae (did I spell that right?) is sitting on her spine...can you say owie. Anyway so she has to have surgery fairly soon, like withing the next month or so probably. This is a problem cause she is Jess's babysitter, and they can't afford to pay for one. We discussed it and decided that it would be best for them if I could watch them, but I can't do it full time cause I can't afford to so heres how it's gonna go...I'm gonna go to working four days a week at the store with a set schedule, and Jess and Josh are gonna alternate their days off so that they only need a babysitter those three days, also with a set schedule. Then I'm gonna watch the girls on the days both of them have to work at the same time. This'll probably be at least until her mom is recovered, but maybe longer cause her dad is a dick and doesn't want them to watch the girls anymore. Either way I can't to it indefinitely cause I do have to get a real job at some point and I doubt any employer but mom would put up with it.

Ok so now that I've vented and all. I've gotta go so I can get ready and then gt to the bank before I have to get to work.
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