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So you know you're a movie geek when...

Are you a movie whore? Put and "x" nest to the films you've seen!

[x]Bruce Almighty
[ ]13 Going On 30
[x]Josie and the Pussycats
[x]Alice in Wonderland
[x]8 Mile
[ ]The Mothman Prophecies
[x]I, Robot
[x]Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
[x]Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
[ ]Austin Powers in Goldmember

[ ]The Day After Tomorrow
[x]Lilo & Stitch
[ ]Anchorman
[x]Lady and the Tramp
[x]Space Jam
[x]Milo and Otis
[x]The Rescuers
[x]Charlie's Angels
[ ]Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

[x]The Emperor's New Groove
[x]The Aristocats
[ ]Fight Club
[ ]Me, Myself & Irene
[x]The Incredibles
[x]The Fast and the Furious
[x]Billy Madison
[ ]Fahrenheit 9/11
[x]The Transporter
[ ]The Transporter 2

[ ]The Butterfly Effect
[ ]Ghost Ship
[ ]Vanilla Sky
[ ]EuroTrip
[ ]RoadTrip
[x]Spider-Man 2
[x]Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

[x]Mission: Impossible
[x]Mission: Impossible II
[x]The Rocky Horror Picture Show
[x]Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
[x]Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
[x]Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
[x]Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
[ ]Bowling for Columbine

[ ]Freddy Vs. Jason
[ ]Resident Evil
[ ]Komodo
[ ]Glitter
[ ]Gothika
[ ]Starved
[ ]The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
[ ]So Dear To My Heart

[ ]Win A Date With Tad Hamilton
[x]Lord of the Rings
[x]Lord of the Rings 2
[x]Lord of the Rings 3
[ ]Lords of Dogtown
[ ]Once Upon A Forest
[x]The Borrowers
[x]Double Jeopardy

[ ]Whispers In The Dark
[x]Bring It On
[ ]Bring It On Again
[ ]Cats
[ ]Fiddler On The Roof
[x]The Longest Yard
[x]Mr. and Mrs. Smith
[x]Miracle On 34th Street
[x]A Christmas Story
[ ]The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

[ ]Milk Money
[ ]Jingle All The Way
[x]Bad Boys
[x]Bad Boys 2
[ ]Fire Down Below
[ ]Man of Miracles
[ ]Double Take
[ ]Forgotten
[x]Friday Night Lights

[ ]ELF
[ ]Platoon
[ ]Lake Placid
[ ]Deep Water
[ ]Spanglish
[ ]Coach Carter
[x]Broken Arrow
[x]Primal Fear
[ ]Rose Red

[ ]Donnie Darko
[ ]The Stepford Wives
[ ]Ice Age
[ ]Hostage
[ ]White Noise
[x]Homeward Bound
[x]Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
[ ]The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

[x]Spice World
[x]Toy Story
[ ]Toy Story 2
[x]Shrek 2
[ ]The Basketball Diaries
[x]10 Things I Hate About You
[ ]Garfield
[ ]200 Cigarettes

[x]Riding in Cars with Boys
[ ]A Beautiful Mind
[ ]Cinderella 2
[x]Erin Brockovich
[ ]Blow
[x]The Fox and the Hound
[x]Catch Me If You Can

[x]Beauty and the Beast
[x]Beauty and the Beast: An Enchanted Christmas
[ ]Sid and Nancy
[ ]Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
[ ]Strange Brew
[x]Can't Hardly Wait
[x]American Pie
[x]American Pie 2
[ ]American Wedding

[ ]Drive Me Crazy
[x]Big Daddy
[x]Cheaper by the Dozen
[ ]Along Came Polly
[x]Coyote Ugly
[ ]Angus
[ ]It
[x]Hocus Pocus
[x]Fried Green Tomatoes

[ ]The Glass House
[ ]Enough
[ ]Fear
[x]Forrest Gump
[x]Patch Adams
[ ]Christmas Vacation
[ ]50 First Dates
[x]A Cinderella Story
[x]A Goofy Movie
[ ]First Daughter
[ ]The Good Girl
[ ]Joe Somebody

[x]Father of the Bride
[x]Home Alone
[x]Home Alone 2
[ ]Home Alone 3
[ ]Dumb & Dumber
[ ]Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
[ ]Freddy Got Fingered
[x]Fathers' Day
[x]Half Baked

[ ]Homegrown
[ ]Mean Girls
[x]The Little Rascals
[x]Miss Congeniality
[ ]Miss Congeniality 2
[x]Cat in the Hat
[x]How the Grinch Stole Christmas
[x]It Takes Two
[ ]Meet the Parents
[ ]Meet the Fockers

[x]Pretty in Pink
[x]Little Nicky
[ ]Idle Hands
[ ]Anatomy
[ ]Joe Dirt
[x]Mrs. Doubtfire
[x]The Parent Trap
[x]The Parent Trap 2

[ ]Oh, God!
[x]Pretty Woman
[ ]Orange County
[x]The Phantom of The Opera
[x]Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
[x]Scary Movie
[ ]Scary Movie 2
[ ]Scary Movie 3
[ ]SLC Punk!
[x]Save The Last Dance
[x]Richie Rich

[x]Mr. Deeds
[x]Princess Diaries
[x]Princess Diaries 2
[x]101 Dalmatians
[x]My Big Fat Greek Wedding
[ ]The Lizzie McGuire Movie
[x]Vegas Vacation
[x]Sixteen Candles
[ ]Uptown Girls
[x]What Women Want

[ ]The School of Rock
[ ]The Wedding Singer
[x]Sweet Home Alabama
[ ]The Sweetest Thing (Watch out for those Glory Holes)
[ ]Who's Your Daddy?
[x]Legally Blonde
[ ]Legally Blonde 2
[x]Roger Rabbit
[ ]White Chicks

[x]Uncle Buck
[x]Along Came a Spider
[ ]House of Wax
[ ]Summer of Sam
[ ]Mystic River
[x]Blue Crush
[ ]From Hell
[ ]Cold Creek Manor
[ ]Digging to China
[x]The Exorcist
[ ]The Exorcism of Emily Rose

[ ]Godsend
[ ]FeardotCom
[ ]Se7en
[ ]The Amityville Horror
[x]Finding Neverland
[ ]The Business of Strangers
[ ]Ladder 49
[ ]Murder by Numbers
[ ]The Joy Luck Club
[ ]The Notebook
[ ]Pay It Forward

[ ]The Hole
[ ]The Ring
[ ]The Ring 2
[ ]O
[ ]Saw
[ ]Saw 2
[x]School Ties
[x]Kiss The Girls
[ ]Little Black Book

[x]Moulin Rouge
[ ]They
[x]Grease 2
[x]I Am Sam
[ ]Suburbia
[ ]Secret Window
[x]West Side Story
[ ]Simon Birch

[ ]Open Water
[x]Now and Then
[ ]Identity
[x]The Miracle Worker
[ ]Fat Albert
[ ]Unfaithful
[ ]Saved
[ ]Jungle 2 Jungle
[ ]Like Mike

[ ]What Lies Beneath
[ ]Full Metal Jacket
[ ]White Oleander
[x]The Nightmare Before Christmas
[ ]Derailed
[ ]Holiday in the Sun
[x]To Kill a Mockingbird
[ ]Rent

[ ]Anacondas
[ ]Are We There Yet?
[ ]Because of Winn Dixie
[x]Cruel Intentions
[ ]Cruel Intentions 2
[ ]Cruel Intentions 3
[x]The Little Mermaid
[x]The Blair Witch Project

[x]I Know What You Did Last Summer
[ ]A Walk to Remember
[ ]Devil's Pond
[ ]The Edge
[x]Don't Say A Word
[ ]The Final Cut
[x]Girl, Interrupted
[ ]Jawbreaker
[ ]Joy Ride

[ ]Monster-In-Law
[x]Stir of Echoes
[ ]The Grudge
[ ]Soul Survivors
[x]Saving Private Ryan
[ ]Corpse Bride
[x]The Breakfast Club
[ ]Raise Your Voice
[x]Dude Where's My Car

[x]The Legend Of Zorro
[x]Wild Wild West
[x]Planet of the Apes
[x]She's All That
[ ]What About Bob?
[ ]Wisegirls
[ ]Hatchetman
[x]A Simple Twist of Fate
[x]Sleepy Hollow

[ ]Hide And Seek
[x]Van Helsing
[x]Peter Pan
[x]The Mummy
[x]The Mummy Returns
[ ]Original Sin
[ ]The Hot Chick

[x]My Girl
[x]Shall We Dance?
[ ]Taking Lives
[ ]Panic Room
[x]Cry Baby
[ ]The Family Guy Movie

Ok so i think Katharine has me beat, but I'm still pretty up there...might be more if I liked horror type movies. (shrug) S'ok I may not wuite qualify as a movie whore...but I'll settle for movie geek.
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