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Where the frilly heck are my monkey slippers?!?

Ok this week has kind of sucked...first of all I got suckered into training to work in the office at work, not anything real hard it just isn't something I ever had any ambition to do. So anyway I've been training in the office all week, well except tuesday cause my schedule got switched cause someone called in, and wednesday cause I was off. I still only about half way know what I'm doing, and tonight I have to work by myself in the office and its supposed to snow more. As it is mom and I spent Thursday night at a hotel in Cloverdale cause it was so nasty we couldn't get home. I really hate snow sometimes you know. Well i guess at least after today I'm off for 3 days, which really doesn't suck.
Seriously though it snowed like 6-7ish inches the other day. They closed 231 into greencastle cause nobody could get up the hills. Grandma dropped me off at work at 2 and it took her until about 6 to get home, though part of that time was spent waiting for a semi to get out of the way after it slid off. It should have taken about 30-40 minutes. Jess and Josh stayed at our house cause they live about an hour south and Josh had to be at work yesterday morning. And like I said they were predicting more snow last I heard, someone said up to another 5 very not loving that.
Anyway in other better news...we finally got an offer on the house, the grand's couteroffered and it was accepted (happy dance) the people want to close on it by the 20th, so I'm thinking very expensive christmas present. But anyway so yeah...we finally sold the freaking house!! Yay! Ok so I'm just kind of rambling...umm...well i guess I need to go get a shower and such anyway so I can go to work, mind you I have to dig my car out a little first. At the moment it looks kind of like a snowball with tires.
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