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welcome to the land of the weird...

Ok so here's the thing...I'm pretty sure my family is nuts. So mom's birthday is Dane and I took her out to eat and to the movies. Everything was shiny until we decided to stop in the new Lane Bryant in plainfield before we went to the movies. We were in there like an hour maybe I picked out a couple of in my opinion snazzy shirts for mom to give me for christmas. Dane was bored and doing his best to pick a fight with me by making fun of the clothes I liked and me being I couldn't see it myself in the freaking mirror...but anyway so we finished there and went to Hot Topic, Dane got something there, and mom told him no on a pair of pants before he even got the chance to ask. It was a pair of those ones with all the straps and buckles...he'd have looked really goofy in them anyway but whatever. And she was after him for wearing his sunglasses all the time, even at night...evidently this irritated him. We went to the movie, Goblet of Fire again, and all was pretty well shiny. At least I thought it was. So we leave the movie and as we're making our way back to 70, dane being the irritating little brother that he is reaches up and tugs on my hair, I asked him to stop, he gave me shit and it escalated from there. Somehow the topic revolved around to dane's clothes...and how he hates that everybody tells him how to dress, and that mom told him he couldn't wear those stupid pants. Mom pointed out that she never said that he couldn't wear them just that she wasn't going to buy them and that he wasn't going anywhere with her while wearing them. Somehow this ended up in a big old fight over Dane's perpetual state of joblessness and grandma and grandpa's constant hasseling about it. All kinds of drama, mom was pissed and Dane was pissed and I was confused by the whole thing. There was really no point to the whole thing, it was like everyone suddenly decided to have an arguement for no real purpose. Then when we got home Mom said she would get me up at like 5ish or something cause I have to work 6-1 with her tomorow morning at the store, as you can imagine I was less than enthusiastic about she picked a REALLY stupid fight with me about that...I can't even explain it because I spent most of the arguement staring at her like she had just sprouted a second head or something.
Oh and on top of everything else I'm trying to decide what I think about the fact that the Paul the manager at the grocery store I work at talked me into agreeing to let them train me for night office, granted its a bot more money for me but still...I'd be cashing checks, doign western union, money orders and a bunch of other crap...not to mention there is alot of money in there to keep track of and I have trouble keeping track of what little money I have. So yeah...slightly freaking out about that...but at least it'll be a week or so before they start trying to train me for it. (cringe)
(sigh) Well I better finish this up so I can get to bed...besides work I have Thanksgiving with grandma and grandpa to deal with tomorow (twitch), they only make me a little crazy...
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