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I've Been Tagged...

10 years ago I was...
- 13 years old
- in 8th grade
- adjusting to a new scool...again
- shortish
- contemplating homocide of the girl who eventually became my best friend

5 years ago I was...
- 18 years old
- away at college
- writing for the newspaper...for whatever that was worth
- defending my choice not to get my drivers licence yet
- learning to deal with the idea of a roommate, especially one who was a bigger packrat than me.

1 year ago I was...
- 22 years old
- worried about graduation
- deciding to take the extra semester and finish in May
- still dealing with losing my dad
- helping Mandos and Hayes with their music videos...I'm still damned proud of Mandos' anime hair!

Yesterday I was...
- working
- indulging my fanfiction addiction
- talking to Katharine...and Kelly I think...or was that the day before (shrug)
- I think its a bad sign that I don't remember what I was doing yesterday...

5 snacks I enjoy...
- ice cream
- pepperoni
- ho-ho's
- honey bar-b-que potato chips
- peanut butter twix

5 songs I know all the words to...
- just about everything by Garth Brooks
- a large chunk of what is on my computer, and in my CD collection
- Bitch by Meredith Brooks (it took me a week to get it out of my head after I did my music video)
- Everybody wants to be a cat from the Aristocats
- Jolene, I can't remember the artist (it's still stuck in my head from a freaking year ago!)

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars...
- pay off all moms bills, get her a skybox for the Brickyard, and buy her tickets to every race.
- buy Jess and Josh a house and new cars then set the girls up with a trust fund for college
- Take care of Mandi's loans, and mine, and all my other friends...and anything else I thought they needed
- Set myself up in an event/wedding planning business
- buy myself a new car...then hire a driver

5 places I would run away to...
- Virginia
- England
- Ireland
- New Zealand
- Disney World (shrug) hey why not?

5 things I would never wear...
- plaid (if I can help it anyway)
- a tutu (I'm with Kelly on this one)
- spike heels
- shorts in public
- a poncho (it would look like I was wearing a tent)

5 favorite tv shows...
- Stargate SG-1
- Numb3rs
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(Note: These are only the currently running favs, not all-time favs!)

5 bad habits...
- Messy
- Obsessing
- Moming everyone
- Not trusting people
- Terminally Late (No sense of time)

5 biggest joys...
- family
- friends
- movies
- music
- books

5 fictional characters I would date...
- Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1 (Naturally)
- Cameron Mitchel from Stargate SG-1
- Fred or George Weasley from Harry Potter
- Charlie Epps from Numbers
- can't think of anybody else (shrug)

5 people I tag to do this...
- Katharine
- Barb
- (shrug)
- Um...
- There isn't anybody else to tag...
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