January 11th, 2009


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Ok so I have a slightly random request for any of you who might actually read this.
I'm looking for as many different versions of the song "Summertime" as I can find. I read a thing somewhere randomly that said it was one of the most covered songs ever, it's originally from the musical "Porgy and Bess" I think. So I was talking with Kayla today while wandering the CD section of Half Price Books and I mentioned it when I found a Janis Joplin CD with the song on it and we got to talking about it. Anyway this is my usual rambling way of getting to the point...which is that I was curious to see how many different versions of the song I could find. I already have I think 3 or 4...Janis, Peggy Lee and Billie Holliday for sure and I think maybe another one though I haven't checked yet to see for sure.
So yeah if any of you who read this happen to have a version of "Summertime" no matter who the artist is or what genre it is I was hoping that you might send it to me. I want to see if  I can find enough different versions to make a whole CD. It's a weird goal I know but (shrug) I'm easily amused.
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