November 12th, 2006


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Ok so i haven't fallen off the planet...I just lead a boring life and have not a whole lot of anything to post about. But I'm bored so it was either this or sudoku puzzles online.
So yeah same shit different day...had to work at o'dark thirty this morning, yesterday too actually. Which totally blows...cause a morning person I am not. Then Billy the owner decided yesterday that he thought the front end looked too messy so we had to clean everything off and then reshelve it. And let me tell you there are few less fun ways to spend your time than scraping old tape off a shelf with a razor blade and trying to disprove the laws of physics by wedging candy into spaces that don't exist just because some micromanaging freak thinks it should all magically fit. (sigh) 
I'm not gonna get into the pain in my ass that is work at the moment cause it just makes me want to smack someone...preferably Billy. Putz that he is.
In other news...Bub is, I think anyway, back with his Ex. Skye. Yes that is really her name I swear. I'm not sure what i think about that either...cause every time they've been dating before she's treated him like crap. She seems less flaky so far this time...though I still think he's way more into her than she is him. Its like I told him, I don't have a problem with her as a person...I just think she makes a lousy girlfriend. To top it off she's pregnant and just broke up with her previous boy, and the kids dad a few weeks ago. So I'm kind of affraid he's gonna get attached to her and the kid both and then she's gonna screw him over again. I know my oppinion doesn't really count here but damnit its kind of like watching a train heading for a car parked on the have a pretty good idea whats gonna happen but there isn't alot you can do about it. (sigh)
Hmmm...ok onto a less annoying subject...oh I've found a new show to be hooked on. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Fabulous show. The dialogue makes me want to hug the writers. Its by the people, at least some of them, who did West Wing...which I have still never seen but want to. The banter is great. If you haven't seen it yet you should. Its on monday nights at 10 after Heroes, another show that I think looks interesting but am almost never home to watch.
Oh and just because I've not been able to find it online and one of you might have better luck...I'm looking for something for my friend Chandra. She doesn't have the internet and she wants me to try and find her a picture or something of her name in Sanskrit.  Cause that is the language of origin of the name.  She wants it to use for a tattoo. If anyone might happen to know where to find it or something that would be muchly shiny.
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