October 3rd, 2006


To Skippy or not to Skippy?

Ok so I just thought I'd let anyone who might be interested that I updated the Skippy List. Its up to 229 now I think...actually I've updated it twice this month but I kinda forgot to tell anybody the first time. I know most of you won't care but (shrug) somebody might. Oh and if you do read it and can think of any thing to add to the list letme know...I thought of a few of the new ones but most of them were taken from comments people left. Also to anybody who might care I've been thinking of doing a Stargate Atlantis version of the list...I know there is already at least one out there but I'm bored and a geek so its been kicking around in my brain for a while. I've even written a few down but I'd like some input on whether I should post it at all or what...that is assuming that any of you even care. I know sevreal of you don't watch the show.
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