November 6th, 2005


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There was a tornado in Evansville last night. Ok so I don't live in Evansville, I don't live anywhere near Evansville...But Alice does. My fellow woodsies might remember her, my roomie from freshman year. Well mom called me this morning and told me that there was a bad tornado in Evansville and when was the last time I talked to Alice. So I had to call Chandra to see if she had her number, she did so I called and everything was cool (thank God). But still it was pretty bad...CNN says at least 11 dead and 160 injured. It hit in the middle of the night.

Anyway in other news...I had to work Friday even though it was supposed to be my day off cause Nikki quit. I was surprisingly cool with this. Mostly because I really wanted to do a happy dance cause The Troll was gone (does little happy dance). I figured that either she was gonna quit or mom was gonna fire her...she called our house the night before and yelled at mom cause someone had supposedly told her mom was driving around bar parking lots looking for her cause she called in that day. Which was total crap cause mom has way better things to do with her time than go out looking for people who call in...but whatever, she's gona and thats all that matters. Later all!
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