September 5th, 2005


Why am I awake? There should be a law against mornings...

(meanders in looking somewhat zombieish) God but its early...well I thought I should probably go ahead and post something seeing as I finally got around to setting this thing up. (Waves) So hi to anyone who might for some strange reason be reading this.
Well this is my 7th day in a row at work, thankfully I get tomorow off (little happy dance). Mind you my day off will probably be spent shopping for stuff for my new room in the new house. Which we get the keys to Friday, finally. So yeah I'm probably gonna spend my weekend, when I'm not at work, moving or painting or something like that. Blarg. Ok well I've gotta go get ready for work and forage for some caffine so I can stay awake long enough to drive that far...God I hate mornings.
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