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Ok so I'm not of the shiny happy people this morning. My insomnia kicked in and I couldn't sleep untill like 5:30ish this morning, not really a problem cause I'm off today. However I woke up at about 10:30 to the sound of my grandma fucking cleaning my fucking room. Now I freely admit to being a somewhat messy person, and I knew it needed cleaning, but I HATE it when other people messwith my stuff without permission. Plus I was fucking ASLEEP!! So yeah I spent the next about half hour listening to her puttering around in my room moving shit around slowly becoming more awake as time went by. She finally leaves and surprise surprise I'm awake, and I can't get back to sleep. Any other time I could probably deal with the whole being woken up thing, not the her cleaning my room thing cause that just grates on me (twitch), but I've only had about 5 hours give or take and this is my ONLY day off this week, I'm working 6 days. The working 6 days thing isn't even really the issue itsthe fact that I just wanted to get caught up on my sleep on my one day off, which I can't now becauwse I'm awake and I can never get back to sleep after I get woke up. And no a nap won't work either cause then I won't be able to get to sleep tonight. Sorry I'm just bitchy cause I'm tired and seriously annoyed. She does this shit all the time and I can't yell at her cause its grandma and that'd be like bad karma or something...(sigh) oh well.
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