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Poetry meme...poetry I wrote

Meme ganked from azephirin : If you can see this post a poem in your journal

Mirror Mirror...

When I look in the mirror

The first thing I see

Is my eyes

The windows to my soul

Hidden behind my glasses

My armor from the world

Then I see hair that seems slightly possessed

And oily skin with pimples that never completely go away

Beyond that is shoulders that are entirely too broad

A fairly unremarkable pair of breasts

And a stomach that I’d really rather not discuss if its all the same to you

Farther down still are my hips

At least I think they’re there somewhere

I’ve been told I’m supposed to be an hourglass

But just now all I can see is a rather lumpy rectangle

Then come my equally fat thighs

Scarred up knees

My calves aren’t too bad I suppose

And my feet…well they’re feet so I can forgive them their imperfections

They do after all have to carry the rest of me around every day

My hands are too big

My fingers though long look a bit stubby

My fingernails look slightly chewed on

And my polish is chipped again

But beyond what I look like

There is another person

She is beautiful not because of her eyes or her skin or her build

She is smart

And strong







Occasionally more than a little strange

But most of all she is happy

I’m happy because I see myself as I am

I accept my flaws

They are after all what makes me…well…me

Which is not to say that I wouldn’t change some things

I’d like to be thinner

To have better skin

To feel comfortable in a swimsuit

But until I can make those changes I’m ok with what I have

So when I look into the mirror and don't like the image I see

I just take off my glasses

And lean closer so I can see through the blur my vision becomes without them

Because when I’m that close to the mirror all I can see is my eyes

The windows to my soul

And I like what I see there


I wrote this poem for a project when I was in college about 6 years ago. It isn't perfect and I don't know that anyone will even care to read it but its one of my favorites of all the ones I've written and for whatever reason I felt like sharing just now.
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