Cheshire Cat (eclecticlioness) wrote,
Cheshire Cat

News of me...public poetry, reclaiming of territory and frantic room cleaning

 Hallelujah!! I finally have my space back...Jess and Josh finally got an apartment here in town that they can afford and thats in the right schooldistrict. This means they are no longer sleeping on my floor or in the living room. Much as I love her we do much better when we aren't living in each others pockets.

So, the county fair is next week and since my mom finally quit harassing me about scrapbooking I decided to go ahead and do a few pages. Yeah I know I'm automatic reaction to someone telling me I HAVE to do something is to not do it on may not make a lot of sense but there you go. Anyway I've been considering doing a poetry book scrapbook with all my poems in it, I mean I have like 60 and they are all just sitting on my harddrive gathering digital-dust or whatever. So yeah I did three pages single page and then a two page spread...the one page one was a poem I wrote back in highschool for my best actually doesn't totally suck, unlike some of the other stuff. The other spread is a poem about me...My mom loves it but I've never really been sure about it. THey both came out ok but I nearly had a slight freak out after I turned them in for judging cause it suddenly occured to me that Oh MY GOD people were going to read them. I'm still trying to remind myself not to freak out.  I'm a little neurotic about my poetry in case you couldn't tell, I almost had to leave the room when a friend read a few of them at a poetry reading at my college. I'll know either tomorrow night or at least by Saturday how I did.
I also entered some pictures again...I probably won't win anything there either...I never do. But I like doing it so I keep trying anyway.

And last but not least my mom talked to my grandma tonight after we got home from going to see Harry Potter and grandma said that we need to have the whole house and yard completely clean and done and everything so somebody can come through and do a property value assessment or whatever. I'm not real clear on the details but basically they're doing it now because of something to do with property value and the taxes we'll have to pay on it when grandma passes away, hopefully wayyyy down the road but I guess you never know.  Anyway that means that I have to completely top to bottom clean my room, which is as per usual a slight disaster area...only a little one though. We've gotta clean the carpets and everything. So I think I'm gonna spend my weekend moving everything in my room out cleaning it and then putting it back. And I've got A LOT of stuff.  Books and movies and magazines and clothes and just y'know STUFF. my desk looks like something exploded on it. My allergies are already freaking out in protest. The last time we seriously cleaned my room I spent the next week popping allergy medicine so I could breathe through my nose.
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