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behold the random

So I just finished watching the movie "Ten Inch Hero" which I'm sure most of you have never even heard was completely fabulous. It was gonna get points anyway for having Jensen Ackles in it but even discounting that it was genuinely a good movie. Jensen was really good in it though...also it was kind of odd seeing him with green, red and blue hair at various points in the movie...the piercings and tattoo were kind of odd too but actually didn't look bad. I liked Clea Duvall's character Jen a lot. I guess cause I'm kind of like her. I also really liked Daneel Harris in it...I'm sure I've seen her in something else but I fail at remembering what...I'll have to look it up. Anyway now I have to buy it...well I guess I could just not give blockbuster back their copy but that'd probably end up being more expensive than just buying it off the website or whatever. (shrug)
Anyway in other news of my geekiness I went shopping with mom today and bought the book "In The Hunt" which is a collection of essays on Supernatural. One of them was written by the ever fabulous pen37. Went to Half Price and raided the clearance section...ended up with some CDs and a couple of books to add to the ever growing To Read pile currently overtakng my bookshelf...its getting a little rediculous really.
Oh and in news unrelated to my geekiness but that I feel the need to share anyway Jess's husband Josh finally got a job...after like 6 or 8 months I think. Which is good cause if he'd continued the routine of sitting on his lazy ass that he had going I was gonna have to get seriously shitty. Also he was getting a pretty serious case of Trucker Butt...which is just something noone wants to have to see. But yeah he starts work in a week at one of the factories here in town which is great except that means they have no babysitter to watch Tay, who isn't in school yet, until its time for her to go to preschool. Guess who got nominated...Uncle Dane, who is currently on layoff from his own job at another factory. Yeah all of you who know my brother picture him babysitting a vaguely hyperactive 4 year old with a tendency to squeal and a fondness for the disney channel. He has to keep an eye on her from the time Jess goes to work and drops Kenzie off at school until its time for her to go to preschool. This includes entertaining, feeding and making sure she is dressed and ready to be picked up my the other lady who said she'd give her a ride. Does anyone else find this more than mildly amusing?

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