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Wow I just realized I haven't posted anything since December...I fail a lot.
Ok well I won't try and give everybody a full update on my life cause honestly I'm boring most of the time and most of you who would really care one way or another I talk to with reasonable frequency anyway.
Suffice it to say that nothing major has happened since my last post...well except that Kenzie started school this year which makes me feel epically old. I just started weight watchers with my mom and grandma in an attempt to feel and look less cowlike...we'll see how it goes. I keep going back to the "go back to school for something I actually want  to do" debate. I just am not sure what I REALLY want to do. (sigh) 

In other random news of me...well kinda. I got really bored and tired of reading fanfic (yes I know amazing isn't it) last week, so I was looking for a book to read. I'd been curious about the Stephanie Meyer Twilight series for a while...the coverart caught my eye in the book store. So anyway they had it on sale at Walmart so I bought the first book "Twilight" just to see if I liked it and what it was all about. It actually didn't completely suck, it was a really quick read, the characters were interesting...mostly (more on that later), and the story while pretty cliche wasn't completely crap and was actually pretty interesting. Now my main issue with the books is that I am something of a language freak. I actually notice things like word choice and the writers style...geeky things like that. And in this case I was pretty solidly underwhelmed. Now I know it was written as a young adult book and all but it just seemed like she was almost talking down to her audience or something...I don't know maybe its just me. Actually to be honest it read like interesting but mediocre fanfiction.
Anyway back to my little issue with the characters...ok those of you who know me, who are probably the only people still reading this anyway if anyone is, know that I am not exactly what anyone would call a hardcore feminist. But really...The main female character in this series practically has damsel stamped across her forehead. Especially in the second book when Ed's Angel complex gets the better of him and he bails, taking his family with him, for her own good. Like she is somehow incapable of making the decision on her own...which also irritated me. Anyway he bails and takes off for wherever and she goes pretty much catatonic for like a week and then basically becomes like a mopey zombie for the next three months. Now I know I probably don't have the right perspective on this particular plot point but really...I just wanted to slap her and tell her to get over herself, quit moping like a toddler, put her big girl panties on and deal with it. Maybe its the fact that I tend to be of the "I don't need a guy to be happy" philosophy, and I"m generally pretty independant, that makes that kind of behavior grate on me. Either way over the course of the books I found myself not really being a fan of Ed and Bella the way other people seem to be...though I actually liked Bella better in the 4th book...probably because she was less dameslly (is that even a word?).
Now don't get me wrong I liked the book and proceeded to go out and get and read the other three books in the series over the course of the next week, all of which I truly enjoyed, but really I don't get the Harry Potter-esque ferver of the fans in this case. Its a good story some interesting characters but (shrug) honestly I've read better written fanfics. Maybe I'm just too picky or something (shrug).
Also her vampires are SPARKLY what the Hell is that? Being fabulously hot and all that I totally get cause yeah vampires...but SPARKLY? (twitch) I finally had to just choose to overlook that little plot just seems wrong somehow.

Ok sorry for the random book review or whatever that just was I guess I had more to say there than I thought (shrug).  Alright now that I've probably bored you all into comas...either that or you stopped reading after the first paragraph or so...I'm gonna get off of here and go watch my brand shiny new Supernatural Season 3 DVDs, and oogle the pretty boys while mourning once again the strike shortened season...only 16 episodes (pouts). Season 4 starts next week though so yay for that.
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