Cheshire Cat (eclecticlioness) wrote,
Cheshire Cat

Kelly had this posted and I was bored and figured hey why not...I haven't posted anything in here goes.

Seven quirks/habits/facts/call them what you likes...

1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.

1) People in large quantities, and especially in smallish enclosed spaces, freak me the hell out...not quite panic attack level but close.

2) I'm the only 25 year old virgin that I know...

3) I'm pretty sure I've got ADD and have had it for most of my life, also possibly OCD to a lesser extent

4) I can't stand to eat bread by itself without lots of butter or something on it...the texture and the taste make me gag.

5) I do not have the flirting gene...I can't do it, don't recognize it when other people do it, and apparently can't write it either.

6)  I have a weird fear of ladders...I love heights but getting up on a ladder, or even a step stool or standing on a chair freaks me out.

7) I am of the opinion that everything in life has a soundtrack...and if it doesn't it really really should.

I'd tag people but I figure (shrug) if they wanna do it they will so...
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