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Ok so I was getting ready for work...which I still need to finish doing and I found this and just had to post about it....cracked me up.
All you Stargate Atlantis fans out there will appreciate this.
There are 2 videos you need to see....the first was made by a fan and posted on youtube. It is an original rap about how much the guys loves Atlantis. I saw it a while ago and laughed my ass off. Here is the Link
The other Vid is actually done by David Hewlett...the guy who plays McKay. He apparently had WAY too much time between scenes and made his own little rap in response to the first guys, who incidently ended up getting a parton the show as Scientist #2.
Someone on a Yahoo group I"m on sent out the link...I watched it. Funny as hell. Here is the link
Ok well I'm off to work now. Later.
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