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Some try to be poetry in motion, I strive to be gibberish in neutral.

So my subject line means precicely nothing...I just liked it...Dane found it online somewhere the other day and I was amused.

So I worked nights all weekend, which I normally hate...but this time I didn't mind it cause I liked the manager and the office lady...they don't treat me like I must be stupid just because I'm a cashier, unlike a certain Evil Troll (Nikki) who works in the office. My only issue was the lady who worked till nine with me both nights. She has decided that she doesn't like me for some reason...well ok to be fair I don't think she really likes anyone. She was getting all huffy because I wasn't right there standing at my register all the time, I'm sorry its called doing my freaking job. Normally if we stand around up there we get in trouble for not staying the one time I actually try and stay busy this chick gets shitty. (sigh) But its ok...I'm over it. Mostly cause I'm off till thursday and I don't have to deal with her. (grin)

Ok now that my little mini-rant is done on with the point of this post...and yes there is a point. It's an entirely pointy point! Oh just read it...

I've been seriously considdering doing the college thing again...this time maybe for library science...I've always thought about being a librarian. I've gotta do some more checking into it before I even kinda make a decision though. The only place I know of off hand that offers any kind of degree in it is IU and its a Masters. I don't know what I'd need in terms of undergrad and if I have it already or not. Then there is the whole idea of going to IU, which is kind of intimidating really. I mean any of you who know me very well at all know that large groups of people kind of freak me out. I'm a little bit people phobic really. But I really think that being a librarian is something I'd like to do...and I could do the wedding planning thing on the side. I was also considdering going back somewhere for something in either public relations/event planning or DMC stuff...I don't know...Sorry this stuff has just been kicking around in my brain for a while and I thought it might help to see what someone besides me thought about it. Well mom has heard most of it too but moms do not a good impartial sounding board make.
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