Cheshire Cat (eclecticlioness) wrote,
Cheshire Cat

Wow its been an age since I updated hasn't it? Well I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. Mostly I've just been working and babysitting. I had an Interview last week here in town and the lady called this morning to tell me I got the job. Its working in a warehouse but its making twice what I'm making now so at least I'll be able to pay my bills without having to ask grandma for fundage every little bit. So thats a bonus. I'm still looking for something that doesn't make me feel like I wasted 100grand on a degree but for now this will keep my bills paid. Also I'll have a regular schedule which I'll be very glad of...five nights a week and weekends off. No more bouncing from shif to shift and almost never having a weekend off.
Anyway in other news mom is getting geared up to go to Daytona for the race with my Aunts. She's been counting the days since sometime in December I think. The real trick will be getting the three of them on the's the only one who has ever flown. Should be interesting to say the least.
And do you know that the one time in my entire life that I actually wanted to watch the superbowl for anything but the commercials I have to work? But the night manager and I are gonna try and find a radio or something so we can at least listen to it maybe...since the store owner is a putz and wont let us just close early that day (grumble). (sigh) ahh well I'll just have to call home for updates or something or maybe have them tape it for me. (shrug)
Well thats it from me.
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